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How do you say that in Italian:
Aeroporto -- Airport
Compagnia aerea -- Airline
Sciopero -- Strike
Volo -- Flight
Decollo -- start
Atterraggio -- Landing
Ritardo -- Delay

Traveling by air:  
Flying to Sardinia became really easy and convenient in the past couple of years with many direct flights around major European countries and charters which only operate for short periods (generally from May to October). Another option if you are already in mainland Italy is to get a domestic flight to Sardinia.

The national Meridiana, Air One but also Ryanair serve the island of Sardinia. These Airlines connect Sardinia to the different airports in the mainland of Italy. Meridiana and Airone are the main airlines that serve Sardinia with daily flights from numerous cities around the peninsula.Ryanair offers flights from Alghero Fertilia or Cagliari to Pisa (Florence) or Milan (December 2007) at very competitive low rates.

There are numerous low budget airlines that have daily or weekly flights to Sardinia, to mention only a few, Ryanair, Easyjet, Tuifly, and Thomsonfly.

For more info click here. On that page you can choose the country you are departing from and you will find a well-detailed list with direct links to the airlines booking site.

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How do you say that in Italian:
Corsa semplice -- single
Partenza -- departure
Arrivo -- arrival
Stazione Centrale -- Main Station
Binario -- Platform
Biglietto -- ticket
Treno -- train

Getting around Sardinia by train: "Ferrovie dello Stato" 
Trains in Sardinia are still slow but run quite frequently and connect the whole island. Tickets are available in the FdS stations and also in bars or tobacconist. Cagliari train station is opposite side to the ARST bus station in the central Piazza Matteotti.

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How do you say that in Italian:
Trenino verde -- Little Green Train
Stazione Centrale -- Main Station
Partenza -- Departure
Binario -- Platform

Across Sardinia with the little Green train
Our advice:
If you love trains then you just have to take a trip across the island on the 'Trenino Verde' to get acquainted with the enchanting interior of Sardinia. If you are traveling in a group you can hire a steam engine or the normal diesel train. Note that the steam engine train can be used only in spring however. A trip with 'il Trenino verde' will be a real exciting and unforgettable experience.
A bit of history:

At the end of the 19th century the Kings of Savoy decided to built a narrow gauge railway in order to connect the inland rural and pastoral regions of Sardinia and the rich mining areas to the island's main ports. The train company Ferrovie della Sardegna was so created and still works today with the famous and fascinating Little Green train, known in Italian as Il Trenino Verde.

This train offers fascinatining trips. A journey on the little green train is described by D.H. Lawrence in his great book "Sea and Sardinia". The English writer took the train from Cagliari to Sorgono during his visit in the island in 1921. All his impressions and experiences in Sardinia are reflected in this interesting book. The trip by the little green train is very intriguing. It travels across the most inaccessible regions of Sardinia, reaching areas inaccessible by car. This journey offers a spectacular variety of landscapes and lifestyles, a rich mosaic of scenic variety and cultural diversity in a land where different regions have distinctive individualities.

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How do you say that in Italian:
Macchina -- Car
Strada statale -- state road
Strada bianca -- gravel road
Cartello stradale -- road sign
Rallentare -- slow down
Vigile urbano -- Urban Police
Parcheggio -- Car Park

Speed limits:
Strada statale: 90 km
( SS131 - SS130)
Cities: 50 Km

Sardinia has no motorways, therefore no tolls to pay.

Useful telephone number:
ACI 116
Police 113
First aid 118

Getting around Sardinia by car 
Our advice: Having a car at your disposal gives you the freedom to explore Sardinia and the flexibility to go wherever you please. There is so much to see and do in this fascinating island, so many places to discover and sights to experience.
Go wherever the mood takes you, through the rolling hills of Sardinia, past ancient archeological sites, vineyards and little towns or along magnificent coastal roads to nice resorts and fishing villages: the choice is yours.
If you travel to Porto Torres or Olbia by car you will get the chance to admire some of the stunning panoramic views of the island. Many of the secondary and minor roads wind their way over hills and are normally very narrow with many curves, but as you are on vacation take your time and enjoy Sardinia natural sites while driving to your holiday resort. The SS131 or Carlo Felice is Sardinia's Main road. It is a dual carriage way that connects Cagliari to Porto Torres and to the four corners of the island.

Sardinia has no high-ways, therefore should you need to travel from South to North or vice versa you can drive along the island main road dual carriageway called Carlo Felice SS 131. It was named Carlo Felice after the King of Savoy who built this dual carriage road in 1824 on top of the original Roman one, that crossed the whole Sardinia from Karalis, ancient name for Cagliari, to Turrys Lybissonis, at present Porto Torres.
The SS131 starts in Cagliari where out of the city it crosses the fertile plain of Campidano where crops are cultivated together with local products such as artichokes in winter and vineyards in summer, or rice around Oristano. After the central plain of Oristano the scenery changes completely offering views of the central volcanic plateau and the wild forests of Monti Ferru dead volcano. The vegetation becomes thicker with wild olive trees, oaks and shrubs.
Near the province of Sassari we find again more cultivations and fertile lands with green meadows. Much more fascinating are the secondary coastal roads such as The Bosa-Alghero or the Domus de Maria-Teulada in the sunny Costa del Sud.
Driving along this dazzling coastline will be a real exciting experience with amazing landscape and panoramic sea view. If you want to enjoy Sardinia by car you can choose the SS195 or the SS 125, but take your time, relax and enjoy the driving. Such roads are serpentine like and very winding, but this scenic drives offer sensational views of the mountains and coastline with many high viewing points on the way, providing excellent panoramas.

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How do you say that in Italian:
Traghetto: Ferry
Porto: Port/ Harbour
Partenza: Departure
Arrivo: Arrival
Poltrona: Seat
Cabina: Cabin
Ponte: Deck.

Arriving by ferry to Sardinia 
Our advice: If you enjoy traveling by sea and do not like flying you can reach Sardinia by ferry. There are different ferry lines available to suit every need. We recommend to book in advance directly with the ferry lines via Internet. Sardinia can be easily reached from the main Italian ports by ferry.

Have a look at our internet booking system on this page.

Several crossings are available from and to the following ports:
Civitavecchia <  > Cagliari   Livorno <  > Olbia
Civitavecchia <  > Arbatax Livorno <  > Golfo Aranci
Civitavecchia <  > Olbia Piombino <  > Golfo Aranci
Genoa <  > Olbia La Spezia <  > Golfo Aranci
Genoa <  > Porto Torres  

There are two types of Ferries:
Ferries that do long night crossings and fast ferries. The crossing can be rather long and passengers can stay overnight in ferry cabins.
The longest journey is from Naples to Cagliari and it takes approximately 16 hours. From Civitavecchia to Olbia the crossing is up to 7 hours. If you travel overnight it is advisable to book a cabin in advance. It is also possible to cross with cars, vans or campervans.
There are different ferry lines that serve Sardinia main ports. All Ferries are equipped with cabins, restaurants, lounge, bar area, and often even cinema and other extra facilities.

Tirrenia is the main Italian Ferry Company, which connects to all Sardinian ports. Most Tirrenia ferries have been recently renovated and offer now more comfort to passengers.

The Grandi Navi Veloci "Grimaldi" is a very modern and competitive ferry line that travels all year from Genoa to Porto Torres or Olbia. The Grimaldi fleet have only elegant cruise ships.Moby line is another ferry line which connects Sardinian northern ports such as Olbia, Porto Torres and Golfo Aranci with Livorno, Genoa and Civitavecchia. Its fleet includes very beautiful ferries like Moby Wonder and Moby Freedom.

Linea dei Golfi ferry services are available only during the high season from Piombino to Golfo Aranci and from Livorno to Olbia. From 2001 Cagliari port is also served by Sardinia and Corsica ferries from Civitavecchia twice a week.

For the island inner connections, therefore to reach the archipelago islands, from Palau to La Maddalena or from Calasetta and Portovesme to San Pietro island the service is by Saremar that is part of the Tirrenia Fleet or by Tris.
If you would like to visit the twin sister island of Corsica while you are in Sardinia you can comfortably travel on a short crossing from Santa Teresa di Gallura to Bonifacio with Saremar. The ferry for Corsica is available twice a day.

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How do you say that in Italian:
Corsa semplice: single
Partenza -- departure
Arrivo -- arrival
Fermata -- bus stop
biglietto -- ticket
Pullman -- bus

Getting around Sardinia with local Bus transports 
Our advice: Before starting off your journey check carefully the area you need to reach as some parts of the island can be badly connected or served by different bus companies.

Bus Companies:
¤ ARST (Azienda Regionale Sarda Trasporti):
The ARST is the Regional Sardinian Bus company network. ARST stations can be found in the main cities and buses connect the various different Sardinian provinces.
They offer Tourist Bus tickets valid from the 1st of June to the 30th of September. See here for more info.
¤Ferrovie Meridionali Sarde:
This bus network serves mainly the Southwestern part of Sardinia, covering areas around Cagliari and the Sulcis Iglesiente region. Tickets are available in Bar/tobacconists near bus stops, also because this Company does not have public offices in the main cities. Buses are comfortable and air-conditioned.
¤ Pani:
If you need to reach Cagliari from Porto Torres, Sassari or vice versa you can travel on the comfortable buses of Pani bus line. Pani provides either direct or with regional buses. The regional one stop on several minor towns and other destinations. The direct arrives to Sassari from Cagliari without any other stop en route. Tickets are available in the Pani offices and can be purchased right before departure.
¤ Turmo travel:
This is a very efficient company, based in Olbia. Born as a tourist Bus Company now also provides bus connections from Cagliari to Olbia and vice versa. The departure time from piazza Crispi in Olbia normally is at 4.45 a.m. and arrives in Piazza Matteotti in Cagliari at 9.01 a.m. From Cagliari the departure normally is at 5.30 a.m. from Piazza Matteotti or at 2.30 p.m. arriving at Olbia in Piazza Crispi approximately 5 hours later. Coaches are very modern, comfortable and air-conditioned.
¤ Logudoro tours:
This is also a private bus company from Sassari, which provides bus service from Alghero Fertilia airport to different destinations such as Macomer, Oristano and Cagliari. This bus line is especially good for passengers traveling with RyanAir flights to Alghero, but other passengers can use this service.
Timetables here.

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